Sunday, December 29, 2013

Spirit Secrets Continued: Spirit Elements

The attempt below to describe the Soul, Spirit and their manifestation in Reality is Theory. Its based on observations, visions, and teachings from guides that I have met along the way. This is my “Theory to date”. It is evolved out of teaching from Shaman, Yogic, Gnostic Christian, and Sufi traditions that I have been exposed to. For a Theory to be practical, it must be subjected to testing and experimentation. I publish this in order for others to test it against their direct experience.

Spirit Elements

At the core of our being is Singularity or Soul. It is pure existence. It is consciousness without thought, without judgment. Our spiritual, mental and physical manifestations take form like the celestial clouds of matter and electromagnetic forces swirling around the center of a galaxy. Our Soul- Singularity exists in a unique position in Time and Space. No two Singularities can exist from the same perspective. Yet, all Singularities interconnect to the same, One Singularity where all Creation originates.

Our existence in Creation manifests as Spirit/Thought/Physicality with Soul at its center. We assume unique characteristics from multitudes of possible elemental combinations derived from the four Elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water). These Elements have powerful symbolic significance with respect to Spirit, Mind and Body. In the physical realm, they correlate to the states of matter; Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma.

As in the world of chemistry, each of the Four Elements can assume innumerable characteristics within themselves on all three planes (Spirit,Mind,Physical), making endless possible combinations and elemental reactions. This is attributable to the diversity and uniqueness of each of us on each of our planes of existence.

As Thinking, Living, Spirit Beings, our relationship with Creation is series of interactions with other Spirit/Mind/Physical entities. These interactions can be complementary, neutral or harmful to us. We continue to exist as long as sufficient boundaries are established to insure that any harmful interactions do not destroy us.

Since ancient times, Shamanic traditions have described the Medicine Wheel as a symbol of an individual or tribal existence. Ceremonies establish the Wheel's existence and its orientation with all directions. Then the Individual or Tribe invites in elements and spirit guides that offer guidance, strength and sustenance.

This tradition exists in literally every culture around the world. It is a powerful symbol of our “Inner Circle “ of our existence. It proclaims a protective boundary from external elemental “Spirits”. External spirits and elements that are “invited” in, are carefully selected to nourish, protect and guide us on our individual and collective Journey.

On the physical plane, our body's skin acts as the boundary of our physical self. Our blood flows to nourish the cells contained therein and provide defenses against foreign diseases. Yet, to survive, we breathe air and take in food to nourish and sustain ourselves.

This is true on the Mental and Spiritual planes as well. It is true with every relationship within the Manifest world on every plane of existence. We cannot exist in a vacuum. We must interact with Creation to survive and thrive. However, without clear boundaries and clear discrimination with regards to WHAT we interact with, negative or destructive relationships occur that can weaken or destroy us.

Our Spiritual Journey IS a Relationship with Creator. On this Journey we have reactions and interactions with external Elemental Entities within Creation. These reactions occur on the Physical, Thought and Spirit planes. As we become more intentional about our Journey, we become conscious of the resulting dangers and rewards from our interactions. We learn to take more risks to expose ourselves to more interactions. As a result we either benefit or suffer.

In spite of the fact that Humanity has the propensity to eat food that is poison, pollute the air and water with elements that do not sustain life, and embrace Political, Religious and Spiritual teachings devised to invade our Spirit Boundaries making us weak and subservient to their hierarchies - We manage to survive.

Creation protects life in spite of these destructive intentions. The power that existed at the moment of Creation and exploded from the first Singularity, established a powerful and miraculous LifeForce. This LifeForce reverberates in everything. It reverberates in every particle, in every heart beat, in every breath It is the source of every thought and feeling. It's power is the reason that we continue to exist, in spite of the odds. Our very Existence, is our birthright, given by Creator at the moment of Creation, to Thrive and embrace our Journey!

While we've created so many distractions that would seem to drain our LifeForce and cause our ultimate destruction, True Spirituality, in the purest and most ancient sense, has always existed in plain sight.

True Spirituality reinforces rather than destroys Spirit Boundaries.

True Spirituality IS our direct relationship with Creation and its multitude of entities and elements.

True Spirituality places the Infinite Journey at our feet to embark upon at every instance of time.

While this is a Personal Journey, it is also a Collective Journey, where all that is manifest in Creation reacts and interacts physically, mentally and spiritually. All share a common connection to the Singularity which began as One, and, at the instant of Creation, replicated countless copies of itself across all Universes. Each Singularity experiences Creation from its unique perspective. Each performs in a precarious and miraculous Dance of Life, where elements collide, combine, react, create and destroy. It is the Dance of Is-Ness. It is a Dance where each, in its own unique way, dances as One!

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