Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Path of IS: Humanity At The Crossroads

  "The goal is to not have one. 

It is better to live ones life cherishing every moment - 

Treat every breath as a gift,

Embrace existence itself.

The journey is never ending. 

Embrace the moment and let the Journey be the goal. "

Humanity has been bred to be slaves. We’ve been genetically and socially manipulated to accept the myth of human inadequacy. We have been bred to be subservient to a King, a Nation, a God, a Demon - something, anything but rely on our own ability to manifest the very existence we participate in.  

We have been trained to accept our fall from Eden, our premature entry into the realm of divine consciousness where we envision Creator as something separate from ourselves. 

It really is a simple matter of accepting our own divinity - Embrace the Creator that exists within us - Embrace our place in Creation - Embrace the Creator that IS us.

The role of humanity is at a crossroads. Two paths lay before us:

1.Continuing our slave-human legacy, begging for mercy and a handout from a spiritual Hierarch in exchange for our subservience.

2. Embracing our part in Creation itself and embarking on the Infinite Journey - Participating in the manifestation that is our universe.

The fist path prolongs our enslavement and insures the continued degradation of the human condition. It likely leads us to the ultimate demise of humanity itself.

The second path has always existed for us. It leads us on a Journey beyond words.  It is time to dispense with our fear of death, and embrace our very existence - our IS-Ness.

We not only are born of Earth, but of the dust and ash of the heavens. We have been forged by the celestial fire of the stars. We are, and always have been children of both Heaven and Earth. Our place in Creation already IS!