Monday, December 30, 2013

Spirit Forest Invaders

Humans have invaded the Spirit Forest. They come masquerading as anointed ones. They bring throngs of mindless disciples in their wake. How they can witness this magical place, yet yearn for something else, is an inexplicable mystery – But, to defile its perfect balance, destroy its magical creatures and tear down ancient trees that knew our ancestors, this has brought about such tremendous disturbance. It draws the attention of Mother Spirit.

They've pumped lifeblood from Mother earth, burning it in machines. Mother's burning blood billows from an open wound in the canopy and settles as dark clouds in the lowlands. Enchanted creatures silently endure the stench and sounds of ignorant Humans. In the distance, empty songs are heard praising this destruction, in the name of Creator.

Dusk light shines through the the thick smoke of our Mother's burning blood. Gray dust settles on the forest leaves. A human made spire rises above the forest canopy, reaching out like a selfish child to steal candy from heaven.

In the darkened forest, light glows in the distance where the Humans have settled. Sounds of foolish laughter and humming motors echo. The Spirit Forest's magical creatures sleep with one eye open - Maintaining their distance so as to remain invisible.

The Invaders are too noisy to hear the chorus of singing butterflies or the songs of young peacocks in the wind. Hey will likely never witness the majesty of the giant night moth, as it sails through the dark forest, weaving between glowing mushrooms, settling on each night flower it passes. They suffer and die from diseases whose cure has been driven into hiding. They cling to their limited knowledge with scientific arrogance.

Yet.... The Spirit Forest thrives. It pours forth unconditional love upon these invaders like a mother loves her wayward child. The Forest's power overwhelms their actions. The Great Spirits of the Forest could descend upon them like angry dragons, destroying all they have created in a flash, But Mother Spirit nourishes and embraces all life that enters.

As misguided masses await fulfillment from empty promises, their leaders huddle to gloat over their achievements. The Spirit Forest remains patient for their awakening. Balance resumes as the forest adjusts to the disruption. May these guests some day fathom the forces that were brought forth  to accommodate their destructive presence. 

Monkey Man

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Spirit Secrets Continued: Spirit Elements

The attempt below to describe the Soul, Spirit and their manifestation in Reality is Theory. Its based on observations, visions, and teachings from guides that I have met along the way. This is my “Theory to date”. It is evolved out of teaching from Shaman, Yogic, Gnostic Christian, and Sufi traditions that I have been exposed to. For a Theory to be practical, it must be subjected to testing and experimentation. I publish this in order for others to test it against their direct experience.

Spirit Elements

At the core of our being is Singularity or Soul. It is pure existence. It is consciousness without thought, without judgment. Our spiritual, mental and physical manifestations take form like the celestial clouds of matter and electromagnetic forces swirling around the center of a galaxy. Our Soul- Singularity exists in a unique position in Time and Space. No two Singularities can exist from the same perspective. Yet, all Singularities interconnect to the same, One Singularity where all Creation originates.

Our existence in Creation manifests as Spirit/Thought/Physicality with Soul at its center. We assume unique characteristics from multitudes of possible elemental combinations derived from the four Elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water). These Elements have powerful symbolic significance with respect to Spirit, Mind and Body. In the physical realm, they correlate to the states of matter; Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma.

As in the world of chemistry, each of the Four Elements can assume innumerable characteristics within themselves on all three planes (Spirit,Mind,Physical), making endless possible combinations and elemental reactions. This is attributable to the diversity and uniqueness of each of us on each of our planes of existence.

As Thinking, Living, Spirit Beings, our relationship with Creation is series of interactions with other Spirit/Mind/Physical entities. These interactions can be complementary, neutral or harmful to us. We continue to exist as long as sufficient boundaries are established to insure that any harmful interactions do not destroy us.

Since ancient times, Shamanic traditions have described the Medicine Wheel as a symbol of an individual or tribal existence. Ceremonies establish the Wheel's existence and its orientation with all directions. Then the Individual or Tribe invites in elements and spirit guides that offer guidance, strength and sustenance.

This tradition exists in literally every culture around the world. It is a powerful symbol of our “Inner Circle “ of our existence. It proclaims a protective boundary from external elemental “Spirits”. External spirits and elements that are “invited” in, are carefully selected to nourish, protect and guide us on our individual and collective Journey.

On the physical plane, our body's skin acts as the boundary of our physical self. Our blood flows to nourish the cells contained therein and provide defenses against foreign diseases. Yet, to survive, we breathe air and take in food to nourish and sustain ourselves.

This is true on the Mental and Spiritual planes as well. It is true with every relationship within the Manifest world on every plane of existence. We cannot exist in a vacuum. We must interact with Creation to survive and thrive. However, without clear boundaries and clear discrimination with regards to WHAT we interact with, negative or destructive relationships occur that can weaken or destroy us.

Our Spiritual Journey IS a Relationship with Creator. On this Journey we have reactions and interactions with external Elemental Entities within Creation. These reactions occur on the Physical, Thought and Spirit planes. As we become more intentional about our Journey, we become conscious of the resulting dangers and rewards from our interactions. We learn to take more risks to expose ourselves to more interactions. As a result we either benefit or suffer.

In spite of the fact that Humanity has the propensity to eat food that is poison, pollute the air and water with elements that do not sustain life, and embrace Political, Religious and Spiritual teachings devised to invade our Spirit Boundaries making us weak and subservient to their hierarchies - We manage to survive.

Creation protects life in spite of these destructive intentions. The power that existed at the moment of Creation and exploded from the first Singularity, established a powerful and miraculous LifeForce. This LifeForce reverberates in everything. It reverberates in every particle, in every heart beat, in every breath It is the source of every thought and feeling. It's power is the reason that we continue to exist, in spite of the odds. Our very Existence, is our birthright, given by Creator at the moment of Creation, to Thrive and embrace our Journey!

While we've created so many distractions that would seem to drain our LifeForce and cause our ultimate destruction, True Spirituality, in the purest and most ancient sense, has always existed in plain sight.

True Spirituality reinforces rather than destroys Spirit Boundaries.

True Spirituality IS our direct relationship with Creation and its multitude of entities and elements.

True Spirituality places the Infinite Journey at our feet to embark upon at every instance of time.

While this is a Personal Journey, it is also a Collective Journey, where all that is manifest in Creation reacts and interacts physically, mentally and spiritually. All share a common connection to the Singularity which began as One, and, at the instant of Creation, replicated countless copies of itself across all Universes. Each Singularity experiences Creation from its unique perspective. Each performs in a precarious and miraculous Dance of Life, where elements collide, combine, react, create and destroy. It is the Dance of Is-Ness. It is a Dance where each, in its own unique way, dances as One!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Message From The Spirit Forest

Its inhabitants attacked, but not broken,
The Spirit Forest dispatches an invisible emissary
Concealed in storms manifest by men
Which tear into continents without mercy
Unnoticed by a world consumed with itself

Its stillness of spirit resides in destructive spiral cores
Vacuum manifesting destruction
Invisible in the aftermath
Drifting silently to unsuspecting kingdoms
And slipping unnoticed into inner sanctums

News of its arrival will be silence
Yet its presence will blare like a thousand falcon cries
Self proclaimed Masters will see their end
Unsuspecting loyalists cling to crumbling palace walls
Brightness shines on Darkness
Dark inhabitants, their true form revealed, scatter

What has been proclaimed as Bright will reveal its Darkness.
 ...And those imprisoned in Darkness will shine like Morning Stars

Monkey Man

Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Long Walk After Tea

Born human – A child filled with spirit and wonder. Memories of the land where I was born, but a vague echo. I remember blue sky. Green forests extending to horizons. Exotic animals, both amusing and fearsome.

I grew to adulthood. A life filled with greyness, sprinkled with disjoint flashes of inspiration. When inspired, my heart sang songs. This confused and intrigued those around me. I created contraptions that attracted attention and power. I was invited live in lofty places, with powerful people, where I fell out of grace when my songs and contraptions ceased to be useful.

I was sent into exile, chased by a flurry of shadow demons to a tower in a barren land. I spent mornings sipping tea. I had a vision between sips. Time was lost, the tea grew cold. The vision lingered - the very void of soul. I saw singularity. I saw here-ness and now-ness. It was zero and infinity. No movement, no color. Greyness became a brilliant endless landscape. Inspiration became the signposts on an endless Journey.

With a sip of tea, I resumed Journey that I thought I had forgotten...

This Journey led me to a treacherous trail where neither demons nor saints dare venture. It is a mountainous, razor edge path. An abyss on each side. A lone Owl rules the skies in the darkness and guides me to mountain pools where sustenance can be had.

For more than decade I persevered on this journey. It has led me to a cliff, extended in both directions to infinity. Water falls into a torrential river far below. Before me, a sea of green forest extends from horizon to horizon. Exotic animals call in the distance.

With no choice but the one before me, I leap into the thrashing waters below...

Hot air ascended from foot to head
Like the breath of a lion about to devour its prey.
Interrupted by a jarring sensation.
Swallowed by frigid waters.
Descending into a torrential abyss.
Suspended for an instant in frozen silence.
Searing lungs, pounding heart.
Flung to the surface in a violent explosion of hissing of water.
Gasping and dragged helplessly by an angry river.
Beaten by rocks.
Bleeding and broken.
Drifting to a resting spot at the forest edge...

Vision blurred, body broken, I lay in a calm pool at the forest edge. An unseen monkey laughs as he leaps from tree to tree. I lay shaking on the forest floor. Emotions explode. I laugh, with tears of sadness. I cry to Creator in anger. Escaping eternal barrenness, I lay naked and vulnerable, surrounded by abundance and danger

I seek shelter from predators in the forest. Monkey continues to laugh, invisible in the looming darkness of nightfall. Overwhelmed with exhaustion, I drift into unconsciousness. 

I regain consciousness to the eyes of Monkey staring into mine. 
A reflection of Monkey reflected in Monkey's eyes.
A reflection of myself, looking at my own reflection in a forest pool,
Looking at the reflection of myself in the reflection of my eyes. 

I AM Monkey.

With consciousness regained from my dream of being human, I recall my visions between sips of tea. It beckoned from the Spirit Forest.

I leap to the treetops to feel the moist morning breeze and welcome the sun. I sing a song of joy to all of Creation. The creatures Spirit Forest sing back. My Journey continues.

Monkey Man