Monday, December 30, 2013

Spirit Forest Invaders

Humans have invaded the Spirit Forest. They come masquerading as anointed ones. They bring throngs of mindless disciples in their wake. How they can witness this magical place, yet yearn for something else, is an inexplicable mystery – But, to defile its perfect balance, destroy its magical creatures and tear down ancient trees that knew our ancestors, this has brought about such tremendous disturbance. It draws the attention of Mother Spirit.

They've pumped lifeblood from Mother earth, burning it in machines. Mother's burning blood billows from an open wound in the canopy and settles as dark clouds in the lowlands. Enchanted creatures silently endure the stench and sounds of ignorant Humans. In the distance, empty songs are heard praising this destruction, in the name of Creator.

Dusk light shines through the the thick smoke of our Mother's burning blood. Gray dust settles on the forest leaves. A human made spire rises above the forest canopy, reaching out like a selfish child to steal candy from heaven.

In the darkened forest, light glows in the distance where the Humans have settled. Sounds of foolish laughter and humming motors echo. The Spirit Forest's magical creatures sleep with one eye open - Maintaining their distance so as to remain invisible.

The Invaders are too noisy to hear the chorus of singing butterflies or the songs of young peacocks in the wind. Hey will likely never witness the majesty of the giant night moth, as it sails through the dark forest, weaving between glowing mushrooms, settling on each night flower it passes. They suffer and die from diseases whose cure has been driven into hiding. They cling to their limited knowledge with scientific arrogance.

Yet.... The Spirit Forest thrives. It pours forth unconditional love upon these invaders like a mother loves her wayward child. The Forest's power overwhelms their actions. The Great Spirits of the Forest could descend upon them like angry dragons, destroying all they have created in a flash, But Mother Spirit nourishes and embraces all life that enters.

As misguided masses await fulfillment from empty promises, their leaders huddle to gloat over their achievements. The Spirit Forest remains patient for their awakening. Balance resumes as the forest adjusts to the disruption. May these guests some day fathom the forces that were brought forth  to accommodate their destructive presence. 

Monkey Man

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Unknown said...

A beautifully done commentary of the current predicament we are all in!