Saturday, December 13, 2014

21 Breaths

I breathe seven breaths, inhaling the essence of Grandmother Earth. It fills my heart and mingles with my essence. I exhale the our combined essence back to Grandmother Earth.

I breathe seven more. I inhale the essence of my heart centre and extend it through my body towards the Heavens. It mingles with the essence of Grandfather Sky. As I exhale, our combined essence descends and fills my heart centre.

Seven more breaths. I inhale Earth up through my heart and extend to Sky. I exhale from Sky through my heart to Earth. My consciousness is unique in the Universe. I am part of the flow - A child of Earth and Heaven.

I extend my hands out to my sides, feeling my heart beat pulsing through my fingers. I reach out to my Ancestors and Descendants. I am a continuum of wisdom, connecting the wisdom of the past into the future.

With gratitude, I AM!