Sunday, December 5, 2010


We live in a reality that is manifested by our very thoughts. Our collective minds have gathered around a common perspective of Time/Space, establishing a shared reference within the fabric of Ether. Beyond this thought construct, lies an infinite expanse that mind cannot comprehend. Within this construct, however, we share a common reference of Time/Space and share physical and mental laws and limitations.

The Collective Mind imposes a powerful boundary that limits the Individual Mind from venturing into the un-imaginable and potentially mind-shattering realm of the Infinite. Beyond the Collective Reality, the laws and rules that we have manifested do not apply.

When the Individual Mind suspends belief in the Collective Reality, it is able to experience the impossibilities that lie beyond. A mind altered by drug-induced hallucinations, sleep deprivation, dreams or mental instability, can stumble into a realm that appears very real, yet defies the constraints of the Collective Reality. The Individual Mind can also suspend belief through various mind-distracting practices, like meditation or sensory deprivation and have similar experiences. The influence of another Individual mind can also cause in the suspension of belief in another individual mind resulting in experiences outside the realm of the Collective Reality.

Regardless of the method, when an Individual is able to suspend belief in the Collective Reality, any experiences or resulting capabilities that defy the perceived boundaries of Time/Space are immediately discounted by the “rational mind”. These experiences are written off as coincidence, mass hypnosis, illusion, insanity or worse. When the rational mind takes over the experiences cease to occur.

We exist in a web of entanglements that lie within an infinite expanse. We each experience an individual and shared journey in that infinite expanse.  Any experiences of this Infinite Journey are filtered through our collective and individual manifestation. It is possible to remain so entangled in our manifestation that we cannot even acknowledge the possibility of an Infinite Journey, let alone experience it.

In other words:
  1. Our mind manifests the reality and associated limitations in which we exist
  2. Our individual and collective manifestation exists within an infinite expanse
  3.  Every individual is on an Infinite Journey that is experienced through or limited by our individual/collective manifestation.


Spiritual and Religious Hierarchs use techniques that confuse or divert the individual mind from the Collective Reality, causing momentary suspension of belief. This results in experiences that defy the collective manifestation. Hierarchs reinforce the individual’s belief of inadequacy in order to establish dependency on the Hierarch for these experiences. It is an ancient technique and few who are capable of this can resist the temptation to claim their supremacy for bringing about these experiences

But it does not end there…

To create a Spiritual or Religious Hierarchy, the Hierarch focuses the minds of their converts to create an Alternate Reality - an Alternate Reality that overlaps the already established Collective Reality. This new reality conveniently revolves around the manifestation of Hierarch as the supreme sovereign. They create a trusted Inner Circle that reinforces the Alternate Reality.

Any thoughts of the Infinite Journey are obliterated. The Individual is instructed to accept the Hierarch’s manifestation as their own. They forgo any pursuit of an Infinite Journey in lieu of achieving some elusive goal established within the Alternate Reality.

This overlapping Alternate Reality sets up a parallel existence for those who participate in it. It is very real - with its own levels of achievement, always around some ultimate goal, only accessible to those who totally surrender to the Hierarch and his/her Alternate Reality.

Individuals who succumb to this new reality experience a sense of empowerment. They are part of something that extends beyond the Collective Reality. Any sense of inadequacy in the Collective Reality is replaced by the dependency on the Hierarch and his/her Alternate Reality. Participants in the Hierarchy cling to their new reality with a fervor that can be unsettling to those observing it from the outside. This is how Cults are formed.

The process of indoctrination into a Spiritual Hierarchy is as follows:

1) The Individual experiences nothing beyond the Collective Reality and either believes nothing lies beyond it or accepts that they are incapable of experiencing it on their own.

2) Through the association with a Spiritual Hierarch, the Individual has experiences that defy the rational mind.

3) The Spiritual Hierarch claims responsibility for the Individual’s new experience.

4) The Spiritual Hierarch reinforces the Individuals sense of spiritual inadequacy and offers guidance to overcome it.

5) The Disciple surrenders their thought power to The Spiritual Hierarch who uses it to continually manifest an Alternate Reality

6) The Disciple embraces the Alternate Reality and replaces the Collective Reality with it

7) The Disciple becomes enslaved to a new collective manifestation, but one that revolves around a Spiritual Hierarch.

There is speculation that some Hierarchs are sincere and truly have the best interests in mind for their disciples at heart.  It is more likely that these Hierarchs are so entangled in their own Alternate Reality that they are unaware of the damage they have done. It is my belief that ANY Spiritual Hierarchy that claims to have a defined goal and insists that the Individual must become dependent upon the Hierarch and Hierarchy, only results in a new set of entanglements. The Infinite Journey is replaced by a finite goal that serves the Hierarch and his/her Inner Circle and Successors.

Alternate Realities have shown some longevity, but none can outlive the primary Collective Reality that they overlap. They begin with the inception by a spiritually adept Individual seeking greatness, however, in order to build their Hierarchy, they require an Inner Circle and a series of successors. It is the very Inner Circle that sustains the Hierarchy, which ultimately destroys it. Dissention within the Inner Circle creates fragmentation of the Alternate Reality. The collective manifestation becomes weakened and the power-seeking members of the Inner Circle loose power over the masses. The Alternate Reality dwindles and once forgotten, ceases to exist.

This life cycle can be said to have five stages

1)    Inception
2)    Establishment of Inner Circle
3)    Dissention within the Inner Circle
4)    Fragmentation
5)    Dissolution

Religions, spiritual organizations, even political movements all appear to follow this life cycle.


Some spiritually inspired Individuals do not seek greatness or choose to create a hierarchy around themselves. They silently proceed on their respective Infinite Journey, occasionally inspiring other individuals to peek outside their own manifestation and into the Infinite. This powerful and silent thread weaves throughout the history of humanity and influences every age, every religion and every spiritual movement.

These Individuals generally remain nameless, choosing not to participate in the enslavement of the masses or creation of Alternate Realities. They instead inspire others, one by one, without asking for anything in return or attracting attention to themselves. These inspired Individuals are everywhere and exist in all time.

Those who seek out such Individuals for guidance are rarely successful. This is not due to their being unworthy. What limits seekers is the very belief that they are not worthy of experiencing the Infinite on their own and must seek guidance. Once a seeker realizes that they themselves are whom they seek, they begin to receive the infinite bounty that exists beyond our Collective Reality and the Infinite Journey commences. The Individual embraces their existence for what it IS without the need to manifest anything to justify their Is-Ness.