Monday, October 14, 2013

Message From The Spirit Forest

Its inhabitants attacked, but not broken,
The Spirit Forest dispatches an invisible emissary
Concealed in storms manifest by men
Which tear into continents without mercy
Unnoticed by a world consumed with itself

Its stillness of spirit resides in destructive spiral cores
Vacuum manifesting destruction
Invisible in the aftermath
Drifting silently to unsuspecting kingdoms
And slipping unnoticed into inner sanctums

News of its arrival will be silence
Yet its presence will blare like a thousand falcon cries
Self proclaimed Masters will see their end
Unsuspecting loyalists cling to crumbling palace walls
Brightness shines on Darkness
Dark inhabitants, their true form revealed, scatter

What has been proclaimed as Bright will reveal its Darkness.
 ...And those imprisoned in Darkness will shine like Morning Stars

Monkey Man