Monday, September 3, 2012


Introducing Monkey Man as Guest Blogger

I have made a place for Monkey Man to be a co-writer on SkaiJourney. He is more prolific than I and writes from a perspective that I believe has significance to those embracing their IS-Ness on their Infinite Journey.



From my resting place in the treetops of the Spirit Forest, I am awakened by the song of a peacock down below. 
The morning mists have descended, partially obscuring what is left of the night time stars. They make my face feel moist and refreshed, forming dew droplets on my fur. 
Looking into the expanse of the heavens I see the horizon glowing a faint grey. I sit in anticipation of our star, which will soon rise above us.
Birds fly overhead, disturbed by the hint of a predator below. I hear a panther respond with a growl not far from my tree perch, giving the creatures of the Spirit Forest one last warning of her hungry advance. 
I am surrounded by danger. The harsh vacuum of space above me, the stealthy predator beneath me, making  life seem so improbable -  Yet, Creator has made a place for me in the Spirit Forest - A place where I can thrive in the awesome splendor of Creation. 
Predators, drought and scarcity, all impose struggles that hinder my survival. Yet every moment my heart still beats, Creator has permitted me to exist another day in the majestic expanse of Creation. With every breath, my existence is blessed. 
As the horizon begins to brighten, I sit. Like a child, seeing the sun rise from the darkness for the very first time, I await - To relish this event in awe and astonishment. 
I am but a small Monkey in the Spirit Forest. I live on an insignificant rock - chasing a fiery ball of gas as it is hurled through the vast and seemingly infinite vacuum of space.
Gratitude fills my heart. I play such a small and insignificant role in this celestial dance, yet I am blessed with my very existence. I am full of gratitude to be part of this dance. I am grateful to simply BE!

Monkey Man


4d-Don said...

Hi Monkey man...

Very spiritual musings (from the muse?)...

Nice to know you are Be(ing) Here NOW!" and at least someone (or some-thing?) is simply Being...

If only ...

Religion takes all one's time "DOING" and there's no time to BE ...

This comment just dawn-ed on me!! ;-)

Monkey Man said...

To my Multi-Dimensional friend Don,

Thank you for BE-ing. Your songs are always welcome in the Spirit Forest!

Monkey Man